Easter Family Devotions

James Tissot, Jesus Appears to the Eleven


The current coronavirus stay-at-home orders are dramatically changing preparation for Easter for many of us. Instead of attending public worship as many of us might usually do tomorrow, we are compelled by circumstances to find an appropriate alternative.

Given our geographical distance from one another, my own wider family is planning to have worship together tomorrow using a web conferencing app. Rather than simultaneously viewing a worship service online that is streaming from another location, we can worship with each other albeit remotely. Anticipating this worship time tomorrow with our children and grandchildren, I have prepared a service of Easter Sunday Family Devotions, and I am happy to share it with you.

The Easter Sunday Family Devotions document can be accessed by clicking here.

The readings and prayers are drawn from those appointed by The Book of Common Prayer.

The first page of the attached document features James Tissot’s painting, The Resurrection, which I presented in my blog this past Thursday. It provides a very suitable reference point for the reading from Matthew’s Gospel. On the last page you will find some Notes concerning the service, as well as a participant list in case you choose to use these devotions with several others.


The image above is James Tissot’s Painting, Jesus Appears to the Eleven, which corresponds to John 20:19ff.

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