Personal and Family Devotions for Trinity Sunday June 7


Andrei Rublev, The Hospitality of Abraham (or The Holy Trinity), 1410


For this Trinity Sunday I am happy once again to share with you a format for personal and family devotions.

I invite you to read these readings, and pray these prayers tomorrow (on Sunday). The format is especially suitable for sharing with others. I am sure that many of you are already staying in touch with family, friends and loved ones, with the help of an app like Zoom for web-based internet group meetings. Feel free to share the link to the devotions with others

The icon above and in the devotions document is by Andre Rublev, and depicts the story of the three angelic visitors to Abraham recorded in Genesis 18, which is often perceived as a disclosure of the Holy Trinity.

You can access the Personal and Family Devotions document that I have prepared for tomorrow, Trinity Sunday, June 7, 2020, by clicking here.

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